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Child Custody

There is no single issue which is as difficult or important in your dissolution of marriage as the issue of child custody. Before you appear in court for a hearing to determine your child’s custody, knowing what to expect and the possibilities involved are crucial. There are several different types of custody which will be considered. At OC Legal, we know how important your child custody agreement is.

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We will work with you to make sure you fully understand the types of custody that may be available for you:

Legal Custody

This form of custody provides the parent with the greatest input in raising the child.  With legal custody the appointed parent has the right to make decisions on how the child will be raised, determining educational matters, medical care, and the standard of living, even including their residence. Sometimes legal custody is shared. In cases of shared legal custody, both parents have the legal right to make decisions regarding the different choices available in raising their child.

Physical Custody

This type of custody decides where the child lives and with whom. With physical custody, the parent is granted the right to have the child live with them. There are cases where joint physical custody is awarded, and in this situation the child would split their time between the two separate residences of each parent.

Temporary Custody

Temporary custody is normally used when there are unusual circumstances surrounding a child custody case. This might involve an investigation of a parent or a residence to prove they can provide a safe and healthy environment for the child. The length of temporary custody can vary from 30 days to more than a year.  Knowing what your alternatives are will help you prepare yourself for the new life that is ahead of you. Contact OC Legal to discuss the particulars of your child custody case. Sasha has offices in Santa Ana at (714) 835-8866 or in Fontana at (909) 355-4444 Schedule your free initial consultation with Sasha today.

Child & Spousal Support

Determining the proper amount of monthly child support payments is not a simple or easy process. Many different considerations should be taken into account, and as every family situation is different, there is not a “one plan fits all ” approach. Agreeing on either Child Support, or Spousal Support, commonly known as alimony, can be an extremely difficult and emotional experience for both parties involved. Often these decisions take a long time to reach agreement, and may be modified in the future.

Support payments are intended to be a way for both parents to accept responsibility and contribute to the care and raising of the child. Even if one parent has sole custody of a child, the other parent may still have some financial responsibility. A support amount will be assigned to them to help pay for the child’s living expenses. To establish the amount of child support payments, two main considerations must be taken into account. First is the current day to day and future long term expenses of each child in the family. Generally, payments will have to made until the child reaches the legal age of 18 at minimum. Some of these expenses include the child’s education, health insurance, day care, food and clothing.

To assist you in this difficult and more than likely painful process, you need a caring and understanding attorney on your side. To discuss the particulars of your case contact OC Legal in either Santa Ana at (714) 835-8866 or in Fontana at (909) 355-4444 and schedule your free initial consultation with Sasha. You’ll be glad you did. Sasha has the experience, compassion and knowledge to guide you to a fair and equitable settlement in your Child and Spousal Support issues.

Modification of Orders

The term child custody modification is used to describe any substantial changes made to a currently existing child custody order. There may be several reasons for initiating modification of orders, such as a move , or a change in schedule. Other circumstances could be such as one parent losing a job, getting a new job or a raise in salary. Almost any change in financial circumstances can indicate that a modification may be in order.

In the case of any evidence of neglect or abuse by either parent, an emergency modification or placement may be in order. This would be cause for immediate action to request a modification of orders to the court. At OC Legal we know how difficult it is to reach agreement initially and that considering modification can seem frightening. Even when absolutely necessary. We have the compassion and experience to help you seek the best option regarding child custody modification agreements.

To discuss the particulars of your case contact OC Legal in either Santa Ana at (714) 835-8866 or in Fontana at (909) 355-4444 and schedule your free initial consultation with Sasha. We will assist you every step of the way.

Prenuptials & Postnuptials

Approximately 10% of marriages today involve some type of Prenuptial & Postnuptials Agreement. Even as it has become more accepted, many couples feel reluctant to begin to discuss the matter at all. Many people are unaware that a pre-marriage agreement has a long history in many different cultures and religions. Taking the time to set up an agreement prior to your marriage can have many healthy benefits for your marriage. If you do not have a prenuptial agreement, your marriage can fall under the laws set by the State under California Family Code. Do you think you will be better off if the state sets the rules for your marriage, or if you and your future spouse do it together?

A prenuptial agreement can help you prepare for a healthy and strong marriage by discussing and planning ahead of time. No surprises. You will be guided to reach agreement on things that are important to each of you. This process will allow each of you the time and opportunity to have an open and honest dialogue about the important things in your relationship. You might almost think of it as an insurance policy. Hopefully, you will never need to use your prenup. In case you do, you are prepared.

To discuss the particulars of your Prenup or Postnuptial agreement, contact OC Legal in either Santa Ana at (714) 835-8866 or in Fontana at (909) 355-4444 and schedule your free initial consultation with Sasha. You’ll be glad you did.

High Net Worth Divorce

The division of property can be quite complicated in any dissolution of marriage, but tensions can rise and emotions get out of control when stakes are high. With a high net worth divorce you need an exceptionally informed and experienced counsel who will help to secure your interests and protect your financial well-being. At OC Legal we are focused on protecting your rights and looking out for the financial interests of our clients in the divorce process.

In the end, it is important to realize that after divorce, both parties will more than likely have less than what had shared as a married couple. This can be challenging, both for high-wage earners as well as their dependent spouses. We understand the sensitivity of cases such as this, and will diligently work to protect not only your standard of living , but your professional reputation, as well as representing what is in the best interests of your children.

Whether your divorce involves a family businesses, or personal property issues such as stocks and bonds, retirement and pensions and significant real estate holdings, we are prepared to assist you as you go through this difficult time. To discuss the particulars of your High Asset Divorce case contact OC Legal in either Santa Ana at (714) 835-8866 or in Fontana at (909) 355-4444 and schedule your free initial consultation with Sasha.

Property Division

Settling property within the confines of the dissolution of marriage can be a delicate and extremely complicated matter. If you can be objective and rational, you can make things less stressful, and settle on a fair and equitable agreement between you and your former spouse. At OC Legal our goal is to assist you in reaching a property division agreement with dignity and respect.

Community property is one of the major concerns of divorcing couples. There may be a successful business you both worked hard to establish that is in danger of being divided. Or, perhaps the family home you built yourself may be awarded to your spouse. Everything you have worked so hard for and hold near and dear in your heart may be taken away from you. You need a lawyer you can trust, one who will fight for you and what is right. At OC Legal, we pride ourselves on doing what is best for our clients. We will assist you in reaching the best property division agreement possible.

To discuss the particulars of your case contact OC Legal in either Santa Ana at (714) 835-8866 or in Fontana at (909) 355-4444 and schedule your free initial consultation with Sasha. You’ll be glad you did.