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Your Life is Important

Going through a divorce is difficult. It is life changing. Your life will never be the same again., which may be good or not. You will come through it a different person. Knowing that you will survive and can come out of it whole may not seem possible right now, but it is true. Your life is important. You still have much to do, to give and to be. Putting the awful experience of your marriage behind you is just one step in beginning your new life.

In addition to the support you need from friends and relatives, you also need support in establishing your new life. Many things may be new for you, like setting up a bank account, dealing with paying the bills, and finding a place to live. Some of these things may be easier for some than for others. What if you’ve never rented an apartment before? Do you know what to do, how much to expect to pay or how to proceed? Is there someone who can help with investment decisions? How about setting up a budget and learning how to pay bills?

There are positive aspects to divorce which may seem small, but they are something to view as an opportunity for growth and change. Relief from a stressful relationship is certainly a positive. If the marriage was abusive or dysfunctional, you may feel relief that you are no longer trapped in an anger filled environment. Beginning again can be refreshing, as well as challenging. Knowing that your attorney is in your corner, to guide you and advise you can bring comfort and confidence. It’s your time now. Time for your new life. To begin your new life today, contact The Law Offices of Sasha Tymkowicz in either Santa Ana at 714/835-8866 to schedule your free initial consultation with Sasha. You’ll be glad you did. Your life is important. Begin it today.

If You Have Children

If you will be involved in a divorce which will involve child custody, finding the right family law attorney will be imperative in helping to reach an agreeable settlement and ending in the dissolution of your marriage. How do you find the right lawyer to represent you? If you want to find the right lawyer for you and your situation, you need to know certain things about your attorney which may be helpful in deciding if you have found the right one to guide you through this most difficult of times.

How Long Have You Been in Practice?

Experience is very important in dealing with the law. Additionally, the more cases your attorney has handled, the more likely it is that he or she knows professionals who can help you. Referrals like child therapists, social workers, and the like can be very beneficial.

Do You Have Children?

This may seem like a strange question, it is a certainly a very personal question, and one that some attorneys may not even answer. However; knowing if your lawyer has children may help you to see how he or she will handle your child custody case. Generally, an attorney who is also a parent will tend to keep the child’s best interests in mind.

What are Your Fees?

Find out right up front how much a lawyer charges. A good lawyer will give you the price of his or her retainer and let you know what the per-hour rate might include in the future, and what you can expect based on your particular case. What Does This Mean for My Child?
Your attorney should help you find the right way to involve your children. That might involve actual testimony or meeting with a social worker. It is also important to remember that it is your attorney who will make sure your children are protected during this process. You do not want your children used as pawns in court.

To discuss the particulars of your case contact The Law Offices of Sasha Tymkowicz in Santa Ana at 714/835-8866 to schedule your free initial consultation with Sasha. As both a mother and a family law attorney, Sasha knows the importance of taking care of your children.

Decide What is Important

Who will get the house, the cars, the 401k plan, the china, the timeshare, even the family pets are just a few of the types of questions that you will need to consider.

Generally, most items are community property, meaning that you each own half. It doesn’t matter who “earned” the money, as work income and income from investments made from income during the marriage is generally considered communityproperty, and would be split 50-50.

Sasha Tymkowicz

The Law offices of Sasha Tymkowicz is located in Santa Ana, California, however it serves all of Orange county and Riverside county. The office hosts a variety of law practices and lawyers in our location at 1701 Main Street. Sasha Tymkowicz practices primarily family law, and personal injury law, however, the needs of her clients have led her into practicing additional areas of Federal Law. These are immigration and bankruptcy.

Sasha always focuses on the needs of her clients. In the office there are also workers compensation representation and criminal defense. The law centers goal is to provide a safe, centrally located area, where any legal needs can be met, regardless of their nature.